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Need help with your Social Media Accounts? Looking to connect with more people & increase sales?

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Not all Social Media Managers are the same.
People that reuse material or use opensource templates are out there, so be aware that your post may look very much similar to your competitors. It’s important to keep a solid identity across Social Media platforms. Project your brand the way you intended, project the same emotion and call to action with a trusted creative agency. #WeAreCreativoCorp

Professional Social Media
Profile Management

Social Media Manager

Market research and analysis, creating communication strategies and synchronizing market flow across all platforms is the work of a Social Media Manager. 

Most  outstanding benefits from our Social Media Manager services is:

1) Design a communication strategy:
• Long-term objectives
• Short-term objectives

2) Content vs Ads calendar assessment

3) Enables Instagram/Facebook Shopping ( Sell straight from your profile )

4) Activate marketing opportunities between platforms

and more …

Our Social Media Manager Plans are custom made to your needs

Community Manager

We have a studio with Graphic Designers, Animators, Copywriters & of course Community Managers. We offer a whole troop of talent in a single monthly price. We’ll help your business generate awareness, recognition and of course, sales.


A creator for your fan pages, Custom artwork will ramp up followers & sales. Initial professional profile setup included. Enabling your Social Media's Shopping Capabilities if eligible. Keep Connected to your followers. Push sales on your favorite platforms today.

  • 3 Stories / Week
  • 4 Feed / Week
  • 1 Motion Graphic*
  • ( approximate )


Do you know your audience? Let's get to know them better. We will research your audience and design a flawless strategy to build up your Social Media presence & sales. This is the Startup Pack + more engagement and analytics.

  • 3 Stories Publishing / Week
  • 5 Feed & Copy / Week
  • 3 Motion Graphics*
  • Ads Credit $20 x month
  • ( approximate )

STRATEGIST PACK + Graphic Design + Community Manager

If you don't have a Marketing Guru in your company, we will do the strategy for you. Get a custom social media strategy tailored to your marketing scope and objectives. Plus your own C.M. and our in house design team.

$700 /month*
  • (Starting price)
  • X Stories Publishing / Week
  • X Statitc Posts / Week
  • X Motion Graphics / Week
  • Ads Credit $50 x month

Social Media Add-on Services

Back Link Population

In its essence, a backlink, or inbound link, is a citation to another resource. When clicked a backlink, connects the user from some other website to the web resource,  a website, a web page, or any web directory.

Browser based Push Notifications

Push ads deliver ads to desktop or mobile devices usual push notifications form. This is a highly engaging type of ads, non intrusive and friendly. Reconnect and expand your audiences.

Remarketing Ads for Instagram & Facebook

Retargeting or Remarketing is a form of online advertising that targets ads to consumers based on their previous Internet actions. It will insert your ad on people’s social media experience that have bounced from your site for a brief moment.

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