Getting started in the “interwebs” could be overwhelming. In this article, you will find an easy way for graphic designers to get proper exposure and start ramping up clients in no time. 5 easy things or tips that will guarantee a Google and Social Media home run on their websites.


So you’re a Graphic Designer and you’ve started to build your own website. I’m going to guess that you did so to get more clients, maybe… That said, I will give you 5 points to te enable you to have a greatly discoverable website. Let’s begin:

Follow these 5 points to get more visibility on the web. Remember “Content” still is King in 2020.

Point number one :

Catchy Designer Domain

Hey everyone needs a token to remember you by. In this case, that token is your Domain name. A catchy domain name will guarantee that a first time visitor will remember your website next time they look for a graphic designer. Don’t be afraid of taboo or awkward names, those make even better memory boosters!

This is a small creative agency based in Nicaragua. Directed by a brilliant designer, Abdul Sirker is very well known for his work with Non-Profits, his agency has leveraged its exposure through creative minds and has found an interesting name for it as well.

Portfolio in Grid Format

Point number two :

Upload a Graphic Portfolio

Your visitors want to know what you do, how you do it, and if you have the skills they are looking for. Prepare your portfolio on your computer first. Catalog all your design work by types of mediums. For example, arrange all your Logo designs together, all your website designs in its own folder, and all your 3d animations in another.

When uploading your work to your website, make sure that every archive is reduced in size to it’s lightest, most smallest archive possible. A big image takes a lot of time to render in a browser and most likely you’ll run out of space in your hosting plan too.

GRAPHIC DESIGNERS should use a grid layout of their work to better appreciate their craft. A broader glance helps in understanding the designer’s style over all his work

Point number three:

Set an SSL certificate

This step is very important. Nobody likes to walk through a door that has a great big red sign that says NOT SECURE or “…might try to steal your… stuff ” right? Well, that is why you should install a reputable SSL certificate, preferably back by Google.

“Trusted sites rank on top”said every search engine ever

As of 2017 Google Chrome has marked websites without SSL inscriptions as dangerous or “Not Secure”. Google also has expressed that in the near future they will not even support websites without SSL. So if you want to be Google Search discoverable better give us a call and let us take care of that for you or go to Let’s Encrypt for free SSL certificate that you can configure in your server.

SSL encoding is very important for the next point too
Check out FaceBook's Creator Studio for scheduling posts in FB and IG

Point number four:

A Graphic Designer's integration with Social Media

I’m sure by now your social media profiles are full of creative work. Make facebook work for you by linking your account to your website. Do the same for Instagram as well. Any self respecting Graphic Designer has a Behance account right? Wrong! not every creative is on behance. But most probably he or she has a facebook account, but that isn’t the important part. The important part is that your potential clients do have FB accounts, tap into the social media “main frame” and pull in some clients.

In case you didn’t already know Facebook has a little thing called Facebook Business, here is a great place to start your social media ad campaigns. Go create your business profile ( works for FB and IG ) and point your traffic to your website. Close deals with actual clients that know what you can do for them.

Point number four:

GRAPHIC DESIGNERS should blog as frequently as possible

This may very well be the most important point of all. Content is King, therefore, creating good content will always be the best way to get the best exposure on the web. Now… there are tricks to getting that high ranking every site desires. These are some tricks/cheats to escalate to the top of any Search Engine:

  1. Plan your content, make a calendar.
  2. “Write your Own Stuff”. Don’t copy from other sites.
    (Google is watching)
  3. Be your client & design or illustrate your content.
  4. I can not stress this enough, back your content with video on your Website. Google video results appear first in searches.
  5. SEO the F*%K out of every post on your blog

For Google searches to index your blog, remember to have a good SEO


These are the best recommendations any OG graphic designer can tell any young designer person. Follow these 5 tips to get started. Come back for the next level, 5 more points, we’ll get down to specifics. I will tell you about Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and how to get paid with Google Ads. ( Spoiler: As of the published day of this post, I still can’t get ads on my blog ­čśë)

If your looking for a custom website but don’t know how to begin or what you need to start yourself. Creativo Corp has a great track record making websites for entrepreneurs with a turn-key business model. We can build a working website in less than a week. We’ll get you started in no time at all. Give us a call or send us an email, no pressure!

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